SL15T (for 32WT8, 4ft)

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Upgradeable to commercial grade electronic ballast 120-2/32IS with 5 years limited warranty 

  • For Linear Type Lamps 
  • Suitable for Energy Star Residential Lighting Fixture Application
  • UL / cUL Listed
  • Lamp Current Crest Factor < 1.70
  • Sound Rated A
  • End of Lamp Life Protection 
  • Outdoor Type 1
  • EMI: Meet FCC Title 47, Part 18, Class B
  • Can Size: 6.00"L x 1.78"W x 1.08"H  
  • Mounting Center: 5.7"


 Input Voltage  120V
 Lamp Type
 F32T8, 32W
 25W/34W/40W T12
 F25T8, 25W
 CFQ26W, Quad
 CFM32W, Triple
 36W/39W TT, 2G11
 40W TT, 2G11
 Lamp Quantity  2
 Input Watts   64/54/54/52/62/62/62 W
 Line Current   1.07/0.90/0.90/0.87/1.03/1.03/1.03A
 Dimension  6.00" (L) x 1.78" (W) x 1.08" (H)
 Mounting Center  5.75 inch
 Power Factor  >0.50
 Ballast Factor  >0.88
 THD  130%
 Min. Start Temperature  0 ºF